Michael Nicholas
Professional Researcher, Alternate Fuel Station Siting using GIS 
UC Davis

Michael Nicholas completed his undergraduate degree in Physics and Natural Science, and received his PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis in 2010.  He is currently continuing his work as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis. His work has centered on the understanding of refueling behavior from a geographic perspective.  His work has assisted in the policy process with respect to hydrogen infrastructure planning and electric vehicle charging network needs to assist future planners and policy makers make informed decisions in this rapidly expanding research area.  He is currently leading researchers in the PH&EV Research Center constructing a GIS toolbox which will allow for a methodical approach to the understanding, planning and deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure. Additional research includes surveying, modeling, and monitoring charging.


California State Capitol

1315 10th Street

Sacramento, CA  95814



T: 310-390-2930


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