Darrell Steinberg
City of Sacramento

Darrell Steinberg is one of Sacramento’s most accomplished public servants, serving the Sacramento community for over 20 years.

As a young man, Steinberg bought his first home in Tahoe Park, where he and his wife Julie started their family. When Tahoe Park was having trouble with gangs, the neighborhood organized and formed the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association, electing Darrell Steinberg as its first President.

After a time, Darrell was elected to the City Council, where he focused on making neighborhoods safe, creating good jobs and providing quality after-school programs. Steinberg founded Sacramento START to help kids in our most challenged schools improve their test scores. Today, START is a model after-school program statewide.

Darrell later ran for State Assembly and then State Senate, becoming the first Sacramentan to serve as President of the Senate in over 125 years. As the Senate leader, Darrell got things done by building coalitions to deliver results including guiding the state back to fiscal solvency during the economic downturn.

During his tenure in the legislature, Steinberg championed economic development, education reform, building sustainable communities and major investments in healthcare and education. He authored the Mental Health Services Act, the first of its kind in the nation that generates $2 billion dollars a year for people in need.

As Mayor, Darrell Steinberg will focus on diversifying Sacramento’s economy, attracting high wage employers and helping local businesses grow. He will connect our neighborhoods to city hall, making sure neighborhoods get the resources and attention they need to flourish and thrive.


Steinberg is committed to making Sacramento a city that is for and about youth, connecting our high school students to the 21st century jobs and working with local businesses to create to paid internships in every high school.

As a leader on mental health, Steinberg will combat homeless in Sacramento, creating permanent supportive housing with the services people need to end the cycle of homelessness for good.


Darrell Steinberg and his wife, Julie, have two children Jordana, 21 and Ari, 19.  Darrell is a graduate of UCLA and UC Davis Law School.


California State Capitol

1315 10th Street

Sacramento, CA  95814



T: 310-390-2930


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